Welcome to the home page for Parallelized GDB, a tool for debugging programs written for the parallel processing library MPICH.

If you'd like to become involved or would like more information or updates, you can go through the official channels at sourceforge or, you can simply mail me and I would be more than happy to discuss everything pgdb with you.

Thanks, David Christian


4/30/01 -- News section started

Here's where I keep you up  to date on what's happening with Pgdb.  First, I'll give a little overview of how I see pgdb progressing currently into a full-featured debugger:

  1. Implement rest of standard debugger features
  2. Write full documentation for commands
  3. Finish inline documentation system
  4. Graduate (!)
  5. Rework code base
  6. Finish implementing replay
  7. Lots and lots of bug fixing
I'll update this list as I come up with more items that I really think need to be done, and I'll check off the items as I do them.  I doubt there will be any "real" news with pgdb until I actually advertise the program, and I'm not doing that until I get at least the first 5 things on that list done (hopefully reworking the code base should fix a lot of bugs)

Other eventual plans:
Remember, I'd always enjoy having your help working on this project.  Let me know if you're interested!
David Christian